Commit 5e073f79 authored by Sevan Janiyan's avatar Sevan Janiyan Committed by GitHub
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dnslog is no longer an option

parent 65962510
......@@ -6,10 +6,10 @@ before_install:
- ./configure --enable-largelimits --enable-proxyvsa --enable-miniportal
--enable-chilliredir --enable-chilliproxy --enable-binstatusfile
--enable-chilliscript --enable-chilliradsec --enable-dnslog --enable-layer3
--enable-chilliscript --enable-chilliradsec --with-avl --enable-layer3
--enable-eapol --enable-uamdomainfile --enable-redirdnsreq --enable-modules
--enable-multiroute --enable-extadmvsa --with-openssl --with-poll
--enable-json --enable-libjson --with-avl
--enable-json --enable-libjson
- make
- clang
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