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Merge pull request #300 from gbaligh/275_Ability_to_configure_the_Syslog_Identity

Ability to configure the Syslog Identity
parents e5972b22 49adeaff
......@@ -7251,13 +7251,16 @@ int chilli_main(int argc, char **argv) {
int syslog_options = LOG_PID;
int syslog_debug_options = 0;
char *syslog_ident = NULL;
syslog_debug_options = LOG_PERROR;
syslog_ident = basename(argv[0]);
/* Start out also logging to stderr until we load options. */
openlog(PACKAGE, syslog_options|syslog_debug_options, LOG_DAEMON);
openlog(syslog_ident, syslog_options|syslog_debug_options, LOG_DAEMON);
......@@ -7358,7 +7361,7 @@ int chilli_main(int argc, char **argv) {
if (_options.debug)
syslog_options |= syslog_debug_options;
openlog(PACKAGE, syslog_options, (_options.logfacility<<3));
openlog(syslog_ident, syslog_options, (_options.logfacility<<3));
if (!_options.debug)
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