Commit 96a09728 authored by Paolo Dongilli's avatar Paolo Dongilli
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modified removal section at the end of clientScript

parent 082b3112
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......@@ -28,10 +28,11 @@ if [ -e /root/join ]; then
screen -S XY -X stuff "exec 2>&1 > /dev/tty7\n"
screen -S XY -X stuff "fuss-client -av $clusterJoin && rm /root/join ; reboot\n"
rm -fr /root/.ssh
rm -f /etc/rc.local
rm -f /root/clientScript
rm -f /root/cluster
rm -f /root/new_root_pw
rm /etc/rc.local
rm /root/clientScript
rm -fr /root/.ssh/id_rsa*
rm /root/.ssh/known_hosts
sed -i '/clonezilla/d' /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
rm /root/cluster
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