Verified Commit ca7fa2ad authored by Marco Marinello's avatar Marco Marinello
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Enhance build system

Signed-off-by: Marco Marinello's avatarMarco Marinello <>
parent 9dcbe7be
#!/usr/bin/make -f
%: prepare_build
dh $@
pandoc -o README.txt
pandoc -o README.pdf
rm -rf ./live/squashfs-root
dh $@
......@@ -17,6 +18,4 @@ override_dh_fixperms:
chmod +x debian/fuss-fucc/usr/share/fuss-fucc/clonezilla/clientScripts/rc.local
chmod +x debian/fuss-fucc/usr/share/fuss-fucc/*.sh
debsrc: prepare_build
debuild -us -uc
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