Commit dcf3e1a7 authored by Paolo Dongilli's avatar Paolo Dongilli
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added copy of required file in debian/postinst

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......@@ -50,11 +50,13 @@ sed -i "s+/srv/clonezilla+$SFTPDIR+g" /srv/tftp/pxelinux.cfg/default
mkdir -p $SFTPDIR
cp -R /usr/share/fuss-fucc/clonezilla/clientScripts ${SFTPDIR}
test -e ${SFTPDIR}/computerList.txt || cp /usr/share/fuss-fucc/clonezilla/computerList.txt ${SFTPDIR}
cp /usr/share/fuss-fucc/clonezilla/script ${SFTPDIR}
chown -R clonezilla. ${SFTPDIR}/clientScripts
chmod -R 770 ${SFTPDIR}/clientScripts
chown clonezilla. ${SFTPDIR}/computerList.txt
chown clonezilla. ${SFTPDIR}/script
chmod 770 ${SFTPDIR}/script
mkdir -p /etc/fuss-fucc
echo $SFTPDIR > /etc/fuss-fucc/sftpdir
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