Commit fd6fc808 authored by Marco Marinello's avatar Marco Marinello

Fix image selection

Signed-off-by: Marco Marinello's avatarMarco Marinello <>
parent c2f6c7f4
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ if ! grep $macAddress $computerList; then
dialog --title "FUSS FUCC" --msgbox "Hi,\nunfortunatley, there is no valid configuration to setup this computer. Please go through the next few steps to configure how to install this PC.\nPlease make sure that the file /home/clonezilla/computerList.txt is owned and writable by clonezilla, otherwise we'll not be able to save the informations you're going to enter." 13 70
hostname=$(dialog --title "FUSS FUCC" --inputbox "Please, pick an HOSTNAME for this PC" --output-fd 1 10 70)
images=$(ls -1 /home/partimag|nl)
_img=$(dialog --title "FUSS FUCC" --output-fd 1 --menu 10 70 0 $images)
_img=$(dialog --title "FUSS FUCC" --output-fd 1 --menu "Choose an image to be installed" 15 50 4 $images)
img=$(ls -1 /home/partimag | sed -n "${_img}p")
dialog --title "FUSS FUCC" --msgbox "Set image $img" 13 70
if dialog --title "FUSS FUCC" --yesno "Join this client to the domain?" ; then
......@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ if ! grep $macAddress $computerList; then
cluster=$(dialog --title "FUSS FUCC" --inputbox "Please, pick a CLUSTER for this PC" --output-fd 1 10 70)
if dialog --title "FUSS FUCC" --yesno "Hostname: $hostname \nMAC: $macAddress \nImage: $img \nJoin: $join \nCluster: $cluster \nContinue?" 13 70; then
echo $hostname $macAddress $img $join $cluster >> $computerList
dialog --title "FUSS FUCC" --msgbox "Configuration completed, now start cloning." 13 70
dialog --title "FUSS FUCC" --msgbox "Configuration completed, now start cloning." 15 70
dialog --title "FUSS FUCC" --msgbox "Will now reboot" 13 70
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