Commit 6059c21a authored by Christopher R. Gabriel's avatar Christopher R. Gabriel
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close #526

parent d1cc8186
...@@ -260,7 +260,9 @@ class CreateLocalUser(Action): ...@@ -260,7 +260,9 @@ class CreateLocalUser(Action):
password = crypt.crypt(user, "WF") password = crypt.crypt(user, "WF")
if not os.path.isdir("/var/home"): if not os.path.isdir("/var/home"):
os.mkdir("/var/home", 0775) os.mkdir("/var/home", 0775)
os.system("useradd -K UID_MAX=3000 -K UID_MIN=2000 -m -d /var/home/%s -p %s %s" % (user, password, user)) os.system("useradd -K UID_MAX=1500 -K UID_MIN=1000 -m -d /var/home/%s -p %s %s" % (user, password, user))
# change home permissions without changing the UMASK
os.chmod('/var/home/%s' % user, 0700)
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