Commit 7772b816 authored by Claudio Cavalli's avatar Claudio Cavalli
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Rimosso pc master da aule veyon

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......@@ -31,7 +31,10 @@ server = session.get("http://proxy:13402/veyon/client_conf", params={"hostname":
if server.status_code != 200:
masterhost = socket.gethostname()
for cluster in server.json():["/usr/bin/veyon-cli", "networkobjects", "add", "location", cluster["name"]])
for pc in cluster["computers"]:["/usr/bin/veyon-cli", "networkobjects", "add", "computer", pc, "", pc, cluster["name"]])
if pc != masterhost:["/usr/bin/veyon-cli", "networkobjects", "add", "computer", pc, "", pc, cluster["name"]])
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