Commit c4182218 authored by Elena Grandi's avatar Elena Grandi
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Remove the installation of musescore3 from backports

parent da5cd4ad
...@@ -59,20 +59,6 @@ ...@@ -59,20 +59,6 @@
- fuss-kids,fuss-children,fuss-education - fuss-kids,fuss-children,fuss-education
when: light is not defined or not light when: light is not defined or not light
# TODO: musescore3 has been removed from buster and is only available from
# buster-backports, but installing it before fuss-desktop may break systems, so
# it has been removed from the dependencies of fuss-multimedia.
# Since some schools still require it, and installing it afterwards is safe, we
# are installing it here as a workaround, so that there is no need for manual
# installations.
# With bullseye, it can be moved back as a dependency of fuss-multimedia, and
# the following two tasks can be dropped.
- name: Install metapackage dependencies from backports
name: musescore3
state: present
default_release: buster-backports
update_cache: no
- name: Update firmware packages from backports - name: Update firmware packages from backports
apt: apt:
name: '{{ item }}' name: '{{ item }}'
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