Commit 57690d81 authored by Elena Grandi's avatar Elena Grandi
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MD5 sums for isolda

parent 62f6a879
......@@ -74,6 +74,10 @@ quanto segue a ``~/.ssh/config``::
256 SHA256:7i6j0jXPWRrW6LXDGbR+HWr3AFJi6gGSmdW41uBRJV4 root@isolda (ED25519)
2048 SHA256:OkP1maDf0pSIGCdq1mph8oI8CTADMrFXfe3aty608SA root@isolda (RSA)
256 MD5:b1:a1:ec:cb:a5:39:c8:8d:39:f1:dd:ba:aa:be:38:11 root@isolda (ECDSA)
256 MD5:21:41:8b:19:1b:25:b5:9c:f2:5c:e8:b9:8b:08:07:f8 root@isolda (ED25519)
2048 MD5:bd:88:bd:5f:bc:52:03:0b:88:d9:0c:2b:86:59:dc:92 root@isolda (RSA)
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