Commit aeea4f7b authored by Enrico Zini's avatar Enrico Zini
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Fix label position

parent 02c42f56
......@@ -39,17 +39,15 @@ $(main);
{% block body %}
<div class="container-fluid">
{# Group tabs #}
<div class="row">
<div id="groups" class="col-sm-6">
<div class="row" id="groups">
<script type="x-tmpl-mustache" data-name="list-items">
<label>{{_("Current group")}}:</label>
<select id="id_groups_select">
<label class="col-sm-2">{{_("Current group")}}:</label>
<select class="col-sm-6" id="id_groups_select">
<option value="[[name]]">[[name]]</option>
{# Machine list for the current group #}
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