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Adding splitting of the coova-chilli net in to a dynamic range and a

static range. This is done only when the chilli_range_split variable
is defined (still undefined by default, for the moment must manually
defined by the admin in /etc/fuss-server/fuss-server-defaults.yaml).

The coova-chilli net is just split in a half, computing the subnets
from the value saved in the hotspot_network variable (saved in
/etc/fuss-server/fuss-server.yaml) that's configured the first time
fuss-server cp is run.
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......@@ -23,6 +23,13 @@ HS_UAMUIPORT=4990 # HotSpot UAM "UI" Port (on subscriber network, for e
{% if chilli_range_split is defined %}
# added from fuss-server 10.0.34 when chilly_range_split is defined
HS_DYNIP={{hotspot_network|ipsubnet(hotspot_network|ipaddr('prefix')|int + 1,0)|ipaddr('network')}}
HS_DYNIP_MASK={{hotspot_network|ipsubnet(hotspot_network|ipaddr('prefix')|int + 1,0)|ipaddr('netmask')}}
HS_STATIP={{hotspot_network|ipsubnet(hotspot_network|ipaddr('prefix')|int + 1,1)|ipaddr('network')}}
HS_STATIP_MASK={{hotspot_network|ipsubnet(hotspot_network|ipaddr('prefix')|int + 1,1)|ipaddr('netmask')}}
{% endif %}
# OpenDNS Servers
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