Commit 4ec00170 authored by Clement Lefebvre's avatar Clement Lefebvre
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First steps: Don't show mintdrivers button if mintdrivers isn't installed

parent 3162bad0
......@@ -103,6 +103,8 @@ class MintWelcome():
add_codecs = True
if not add_codecs:
if not os.path.exists("/usr/bin/mintdrivers"):
# Construct the stack switcher
list_box = builder.get_object("list_navigation")
......@@ -688,7 +688,7 @@
<object class="GtkBox">
<object class="GtkBox" id="box_drivers">
<property name="visible">True</property>
<property name="can_focus">False</property>
<property name="spacing">24</property>
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