Commit 7a9274f5 authored by Simone Piccardi's avatar Simone Piccardi
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Removing unneeded code for color changes (mint specific, not present

in fuss).
parent 9fe3e64c
......@@ -226,37 +226,6 @@ class MintWelcome():
settings.set_string("panel-zone-icon-sizes", "[{\"panelId\": 1, \"left\": %s, \"center\": %s, \"right\": %s}]" % (left_icon_size, center_icon_size, right_icon_size))
os.system("cinnamon --replace &")
def on_color_button_clicked(self, button, color):
self.color = color
def change_color(self):
theme = "Mint-Y"
wm_theme = "Mint-Y"
cinnamon_theme = "Mint-Y-Dark"
if self.dark_mode:
theme = "%s-Dark" % theme
wm_theme = "Mint-Y-Dark"
if self.color != "green":
theme = "%s-%s" % (theme, self.color.title())
cinnamon_theme = "Mint-Y-Dark-%s" % self.color.title()
if os.getenv("XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP") in ["Cinnamon", "X-Cinnamon"]:
settings = Gio.Settings(schema="org.cinnamon.desktop.interface")
settings.set_string("gtk-theme", theme)
settings.set_string("icon-theme", theme)
Gio.Settings(schema="org.cinnamon.desktop.wm.preferences").set_string("theme", wm_theme)
Gio.Settings(schema="org.cinnamon.theme").set_string("name", cinnamon_theme)
elif os.getenv("XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP") == "MATE":
settings = Gio.Settings(schema="org.mate.interface")
settings.set_string("gtk-theme", theme)
settings.set_string("icon-theme", theme)
Gio.Settings(schema="org.mate.Marco.general").set_string("theme", wm_theme)
elif os.getenv("XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP") == "XFCE":["xfconf-query", "-c", "xsettings", "-p", "/Net/ThemeName", "-s", theme])["xfconf-query", "-c", "xsettings", "-p", "/Net/IconThemeName", "-s", theme])["xfconf-query", "-c", "xfwm4", "-p", "/general/theme", "-s", theme])
def visit(self, button, url):
subprocess.Popen(["xdg-open", url])
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