Commit fc88a22b authored by Clement Lefebvre's avatar Clement Lefebvre
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Colors: Add HiDPI support

parent 85e80c86
......@@ -159,8 +159,11 @@ class MintWelcome():
self.dark_mode = False
# Use HIDPI pictures if appropriate
path = "/usr/share/linuxmint/mintwelcome/colors/"
if scale == 2:
path = "/usr/share/linuxmint/mintwelcome/colors/hidpi/"
for color in ["green", "aqua", "blue", "brown", "grey", "orange", "pink", "purple", "red", "sand", "teal"]:
builder.get_object("img_" + color).set_from_surface(self.surface_for_path("/usr/share/linuxmint/mintwelcome/%s.png" % color, scale))
builder.get_object("img_" + color).set_from_surface(self.surface_for_path("%s/%s.png" % (path, color), scale))
builder.get_object("button_" + color).connect("clicked", self.on_color_button_clicked, color)
builder.get_object("switch_dark").connect("state-set", self.on_dark_mode_changed)
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