Unverified Commit b5930e90 authored by Marco Marinello's avatar Marco Marinello
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Fix translations refs #762

parent 5a4a4991
......@@ -135,7 +135,7 @@ msgstr "altrimenti octomon-sender continuerà ad inviare i dati dal server centr
#: hosts/templates/hosts/drop_host.html:21 hosts/templates/hosts/host.html:279
msgid "Delete (fully remove from OctoMon database)"
msgstr "Eliminare (cancellare completamente dal database di OctoMon)"
msgstr "Elimina (cancellare completamente dal database di OctoMon)"
#: hosts/templates/hosts/host.html:5
#: schools/templates/schools/activities.html:4
......@@ -413,7 +413,7 @@ msgstr "Computer ripristinato"
#: hosts/views.py:119
#, python-format
msgid "%(hostname)s has been successfully deleted."
msgstr ""
msgstr "%(hostname)s è stato eliminato con successo."
#: hosts/views.py:130 schools/views.py:160
msgid "You don't have the permissions to add a scrapbook"
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