Commit 0d18a8ae authored by Mark Caglienzi's avatar Mark Caglienzi
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Show the dates in the template. refs #9972

parent 05b0e979
...@@ -39,6 +39,16 @@ ...@@ -39,6 +39,16 @@
<th>{% trans "Full name" %}</th> <th>{% trans "Full name" %}</th>
<td>{{octofuss_user.get_gecos_display}}</td> <td>{{octofuss_user.get_gecos_display}}</td>
</tr> </tr>
{# refs #9972 #}
<th>{% trans "Last password change" %}</th>
<td>{{octofuss_user.last_password_change}} ({{octofuss_user.last_password_change_days}})</td>
{# refs #9972 #}
<th>{% trans "Next password change" %}</th>
<td>{{octofuss_user.next_password_change}} ({{octofuss_user.next_password_change_days}})</td>
<tr> <tr>
<th>{% trans "Unit" %}</th> <th>{% trans "Unit" %}</th>
<td>{{octofuss_user.ou}}</td> <td>{{octofuss_user.ou}}</td>
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